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Who we are

Found in May 04, 2016 under Sri Lanka companies Act. No.7 of 2007 Registered No PV-113458 and company named as The Richway International (Private) Limited. The Richway International (Private) Limited is Great combination with Social & online Marketing module Through One-to-One Marketing and Social Shopping concept. The Richway International (Private) Limited combines with Internet and the power of people. Likewise, we are changing the way people shop and changing the economic paradigm where anyone can become financially independent by creating our own economy.

As a result, we hope to provide a better system for all types of entrepreneurs to build an ongoing own Business system, while providing consumers to better way for online shopping system. For achieve this target The Richway International (Private) Limited is used to revolutionary latest online web technology combined with the power of people to building the economy of the future.